3.12.16 Hualien to Kenting

In the free breakfast bun fight we threw together a fried egg and ham on top of grilled cheese on toast and felt quite Ready Steady Cook. 

We got on our mini bus and did the usual trailing around hostels and hotels in town to pick up others, then we were on our way to Kenting. It is a national park in the southern tip of Taiwan, so sunshine should be guaranteed. 

We had a few stops to make on the way so it wasn’t just driving all day in the minibus. There were a couple of Chinese blokes with us and a Canadian. The Canadian didn’t like Angkor Wat. Nuff said. 

The scenery was stunning, the first stop was here. We are back to the mini bus on time. 

Second stop was at Shitiping (I know, you couldn’t make this shit up!!!!) and the scenery was like this and were late back to the mini bus. 

Third stop was the tropic of cancer and we were late back to the mini bus. 

Fourth stop was here, it was some hump backed bridge. 

Next stop was to see water flowing uphill, we weren’t late back to the bus. No explanation as to why the water was flowing uphill, you were just supposed to say Wow. 

Lunch was next,  I thought I was ordering beef tendon noodle soup, I ordered cooked, sliced and dried beef tendon, it was soft and slightly chewy. Guy’s pork, veg and rice was ok. It is the closest to service station food we have come across.

Next stop was a railway going into a tunnel, coz that never happens in this mountainous country! 

But I did also have an amazing mango icecream so it was worth the visit. We were last back to the bus, again!By the time we got to Kenting we felt like proper Chinese tourists.

The hostel is clean and lovely, even have towel swans in the room to greet us. 

We need food and there is a night market outside our door so we wander up and down eating very unhealthy food, again. 

A blurred photo of some white sausages we keep seeing, they are sticky rice sausages and tasteless. 

French fries with ‘cheese’ sauce and ‘meat ‘ sauce,  not particularly Taiwanese but tasty.

Potato and cauliflower cheese, yes that is broccoli,  we were so happy to see some broccoli!

Fried chicken which has lemon juice on it, delicious. 

Deep fried milk, this is sweet and delicious, would eat again!

Finally sweetcorn which was hard and tasteless,  would not eat again.

Back to room and we have a bunk each and a tv each! So we settle in to watch the English language movie channel!!!! I know!  We are so excited and settle down to watch Escape from LA (excellant sci fi with Kurt Russell’s tongue firmly in his cheek!) and Night before Xmas (made us a little sad, but was LOL at times). 

Was ace to watch films again. 

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