4.12.16 Kenting – Sunday at the Beach

In two days it’s three months since we left. Alison likes hot weather and although I have freckles, feeling the heat of the sun on your skin is one of lifes simple pleasures. When we crossed Siberia we’d be liars to say thoughts of sunshine never came to us.

Where sea and sand are warmed by the sun, happiness occurs.

Today we go to the beach!

The sand is smooth underfoot but the beach is steep so those glass like aquamarine blue waves have a dangerous undertow. Perfect for British paddling. It’s hot. Thirty degrees. Factor 30 required for those with pasty English skin.

We assume salamander position and soak up the warmth. 

Waves crash noisily against the beach. What a beautiful hypnotic sound.

Wispy clouds cross the sky followed  by the sun’s ark.

The peace is broken when a huge lizard jumps onto my leg. I cooly usher it off.

Home for a shower then back for sunset, accompanied and enhanced by cold Taiwan beer.

We step out of the hotel to the Night market outside for food. 

Taiwanese sausage and chips.

Meat pancake and spring onion pancake.


A chat with a zebra.

Finally, home for a movie in English. Keanu Reeves in John Wick.

Spoiler Alert! – someone kills his dog, he kills everyone.

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