5.1.17 JingHong

Al was still bad so she rested in bed and I set out to fetch oranges and paracetamol. I was also supposed to buy two bus tickets to Laos for tomorrow as we are now only a seven hour bus journey away!

As I walked around Jinghong, I could see a huge south east Asian influence. Some building, temple and gate roofs reminded me of Thailand rather than China. Street lamps and statues were S.E. Asian in design and palm trees and banyan trees lined the streets. I passed a Dai (local people) temple which wouldn’t look out of place in Bangkok. People sat crouched on stools by food stalls where the fragrant aromas of lemongrass, corriander and chilli filled the air, new smells for us in Chinese cuisine. Jinghong is less than 100 km away from Myanmar and Laos and you can tell. Towns near borders are always a fascinating mix of the cultures from either side of the line on the map that seperate them. 

I bought the paracetamol and oranges but not the bus tickets. There was no need to rush away from such an interesting, attractive, relaxed city and a few days rest would definitely help the patient. I told Al there was a botanical garden here and she agreed to stay.

I headed back out for a meal for one. A lonely planet recommendation of a food court where local food was available as well as Myanmar cuisine. I had a delicious spicy, pickled pork dish with rice and a side of a chilli and garlic sour sauce and a bowl of savoury stock with lemon. The pork had fiery small chillis and smoky dried chillis for flavour. My bald patch leaked and my eyes watered it was so spicy but as I write this my mouth is watering at the memory. It was so delicious to have S.E.Asian fragrant, spicy food again. The lemony savoury stock was unusual but really good.

Back at the hostel Al had showered and dressed but was still resting so I shouted at my phone which was better at chess than me. I paid for another night here and did the washing, then hung it to dry on the roof. The sun came out and you could feel the warmth.

We went to another LP recommendation for tea so Al could have plain fried rice and avoid the spice. I had Bu Lan, a local spicy salad of chilli, garlic, mint, lime, tomatoes, red onion and soy with shredded chicken. Oh yes. I don’t need to tell you.

I then tried some local liquor. The 38% tasted ok but the 50% and 53% were harder work. 

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