7.1.17 JingHong

The suncream is required today! I fetch Boazi from round the corner, pork again but also shitake mushroom. On the way back I shake hands with a toddler whose tentative steps are halted when he sees me. He stares at me and holds out his hand, his dad motions for me to shake it which I do and he seems more confused than happy. We have noticed people staring at us here more than other places we’ve been to in China.

We sit outside the room in the sunshine and after finishing breakfast, catch up with emails and news.

Tomorrow, we finally aim to leave for Laos so we go to the southern bus station and buy tickets. The sun is out and we are heading to Laos. There is a very happy team Roberts.

We walk to a Buddhist temple which seems very Thai in its architecture. Theravada rather tha Mahayana Buddhism ? Our knowledge of South East Asian design is limited so you’ll have to bear with me but it definitely looks right framed by palm trees and under a blue sky.

We wander through some back street housing areas and see the recycling truck taking away Alison’s empties from last night.

Al needs a siesta, so for lunch I indulge in a fast food Chinese chicken outlet which I have not researched yet. My conclusion was efficient staff, probably not free range chicken but tasty.

After a bit of yoga and TaiChi its time for a cold one on the terrace. You all know the drill. The temperature fades as the sun falls and you think,  its well past the yardarm and a cold refreshing drink would be perfect now. It is.

Its Saturday night in JingHong and the sociable locals are out in there hoardes. Many restaurants have huge areas of tables where large groups gather, sharing a hotpot and a few beers. We haven’t seen this elsewhere in China, but maybe the warm weather allowing street side dining means its more noticeable here.

We have a noodle dish that we think is called Zhajiangmian for one last time. Its delicious. An Asian spag bol.

Back in the hostel we see Milena, the lovely Italian lady we met on the bus and chat for hours putting the world to rights.

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