22.1.12 Vientiane. Day trip to Buddha park

After a ‘day off ‘ I make Guy do some tourism. We have blue skies and 29 degrees so were feeling pretty happy about not having to go to work and scrape ice off the car/cycle in the freezing cold.

We were on our way to the Mekong when Guy’s stomach suddenly reminded him of the chilli fest he had imbibed the night before, we took a quick diversion into True Coffee, Guy made it to the loo in time, and celebrated with a teeny weeny macchiato.

A lizard catches our eyes, playing in the sunshine.

We eventually walk along the Mekong, enjoying the view over to Thailand, can’t believe we are so close, it is only the other side. We stop to take photos of a statue, no idea who it is,  but if someone has gone to the trouble of putting up a statue the least you can do is photograph and blog it..

The bus station appears, there seems to be no system or way of finding out what the system is, we wander round and round looking looking for bus 14, nothing. Eventually someone asks us ‘where are you going?’, we assume he is a tuk tuk driver, but no, he seems to be a bus station guide, he points to the 14 bus, hiding round a corner, and get on. As the bus is nearly full we don’t have to wait long before we are on our way. We pass the Beerlao brewery and head towards the busy Thai -Laos Friendship bridge, the border crossing. 

10 mins later we are at Buddha Park, a weird fantastical place built in 1958 by a monk. The concrete Buddhst/Hindu sculptures are quite odd and bizarre, there is a giant pumpkin head which you can walk inside which depicts heaven, earth and hell! Guy photographs the sites, I wander through watching the locals, tourists and monks exploring the park and wondering what kind of mind created this.

We have lunch at a Laos PDR (Please Don’t Rush) restaurant, eventually we have holy basil, chicken and rice.

Sometime later our plate of stir fried vegetables arrives, which Guy has mostly eaten before we remember to photograph it.

We take the bus back to Vientiane, waiting ages for customers at the Friendship bridge. 

On our last night here we settled down with a beer or 3 overlooking the Mekong and enjoy the sunset. We walk through the extensive night market, nothing to buy for us.

We have dinner at Lao Kitchen, an upmarket place, beer is expensive so we try Laos whiskey, with ice. 

We also have sticky rice with Jeow (which is a spicy paste ours had buffalo skin in it, apparently),  Pakse sausage with a lush garlic and coriander dip, Orlam stew which is full of lemongrass,  lush. 

Back home for football (Guy), dozing (me)!

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