03.2.17 Into Bangkok and Chinatown

Slightly bus lagged we got to Ko San road at 6am, just as the streets were finished being cleaned. We checked in at our ‘usual’ abode, unsurprisingly the room wasn’t free, we waited an hour and it was, result!

We cleaned and I tried to rest, but Guy was desperate to get out and immerse us in Bangkok. We hit the uneven pavements, avoided the odorous drains and persistent tuktuk drivers.

Everywhere is adorned with black and white ribbons in remembrance of the King, most Thai’s are wearing all or part black clothing, the markets are full of black clothes. Books of remembrance adorned with beautiful flowers, usually white orchids and are seen as soon as we crossed the border from Laos and in many buildings around Bangkok.

Guy sampled some foods, it was great to see our old Chinese friends, Boazi, for breakfast again!

There are changes here, there are loads more boutique hotels now, an Ibis is being built, even Ko San road is becoming gentrified. We are trying not to see this as a bad thing, are not begrudging of the youth of today who travel with little fear of cockroaches crawling over their faces / toothbrushes or the experience of a (dead) rat in the ensuite to keep them company. The fact you can see groups of young american kids lounging by their hotel pool is wonderful. There are about 3 Boots shops, so all progress is not bad 😁.

We slowly get used to being back in throngs of traffic, shiny SUV’s are everywhere, horns beeping but drivers courteous of road crossings, which is a shock to us!!

After more wandering, Guy allowed us a siesta.

Post siesta we got a river boat to China town and had another wander round there. It was quiet, too early for food stalls, although did snack on sausages and bananas. It was quite interesting seeing Chinese shops again, selling now familiar teas, herbs, dried fishes, with the odd endangered species thrown in.

We may have also had a cool drink to help cope with the hot, humid weather.

Back to Ko San road area and we came across Magic Max’s Thai restaurant, where Max comes and does magic whilst you eat his lovely fish and greens.

Guy assisted, put a cigarette out on a blokes t-shirt. No burn mark to be seen. Max is good!!!

We were about to go home when we got chatting to a southerner who had shunned his roots to live in Manchester and a neonatal nurse from Chicago.

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