04.2.17 Bangkok – Isaan Cuisine

Food tourism today, my favourite type. Breakfast was beef noodle or meatball soup. Healthy and delicious, Guy claimed the entrails in his were the best bit….. he is more adventurous than me now!

We had read about this Isaan restaurant, Som Tam Boo Maa, so got the river taxi across the river, walked for about 2 hours through new areas, including over rail tracks, to get to this place. It was worth it.

We had grilled fish stuffed with herbs, catfish larb, green papaya salad. It was all really well balanced, fresh and very, very tasty.

A walk and river boat back, past delicious looking chickens, and picked up a few mossie bites in the market.

A reviving coconut shake saw us through to football on TV time.

We watched some of Arsenal vs Chelsea, accompanied by Penang curry and spring rolls.

Result wasn’t going our way, so we had a cool refreshing drink on the way home.

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