9.2.17 Bangkok Seafood Market

Our last full day in Bangkok and we went on a mission for seafood in the steps of Rick Stein.

Coffee required first at our lovely little coffee shop.

We watch woman with the papaya salad ‘shop’ making papaya salad for her clients. She tastes each salad she makes, sometimes the clients taste too and adjust accordingly.

And see tuk tuk drivers waiting for their next client.

A 2 hour journey across Bangkok last, via river boat and sky train. This city is big and not easy to get across unless you get a taxi or tuk tuk and the usually involved tough haggling and being ripped off!!!!

You can’t miss this seafood place, especially when lit up at night. But it was 1.15pm and we were the only people in this massive restaurant. It must be ace to come at night when it is full.

The deal is you pick your fish and seafood, vegetables if you want them, pay for it, then have to pay more for the cooking style, then more for the beer, then more for the hand towel. It is not cheap. But we had the biggest and sweetest prawns ever, two types -king and freshwater, black pepper crab which was superb, and the best tasting tom yum with prawns so far. It was proper messy, get your fingers sticky food, and we loved it. 

The Asahi beer was a palette cleanser….

We then were supposed to Skype home, but were stuck miles from hostile wi-fi so went to Starbucks with the excuse of using their wi-fi, Guy had an iced chocolate which was lush, I had an iced milky tea which was disgusting. I keep forgetting to ask for hot tea with no milk!!!! Their wi-fi didn’t work so we made our way home to try again via skytrain and river boat, passing a Wat with fireworks going off creating an atmospheric photo opportunity.

Snacks for tea as we were still full from lunch. Guy’s was personalised by me 😋

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