8.2.17 Bangkok Farewell & Food

Rudely awoken by the alarm at 6.30 and we dress and walk round to see Paula and Dave before their flight to Singapore. We have breakfast at New Siam guesthouse and before you know it we’re hugging and saying farewell. We hope to see them for a few hours on the 19th so it wasn’t a sad parting.

Back to bed for a morning siesta. We re-emerge sometime later and go for a second breakfast. Salmon sandwich for Alison at a modern coffee shop and I have spicy chicken with holy basil at a street stall.

After that we indulge in some retail therapy and browse the many, many Khao San stalls. Vests, t-shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses, hats, sarongs, hammocks, beads, silver jewellery, bags, wallets, flip flops, CDs, books, everything a tourist needs, even if they don’t know it. Al buys a silver gecko ring.

Hunger kicks in again, so we head to a small but great smelling Malay curry house. We have chicken massaman on biriyani rice and a fish and herb mataback which comes with sweet crisp pickles. It’s sweet, savoury and spicy. Fabulous.

We then wander friendless and on autopilot to Rambuttri where we have a few beers. Our mates have left but our habits haven’t.

 For beer snacks we visit the many food stalls at the bottom of the road and eat fried things on sticks.

Its not the most dynamic day but its one 95% of backpackers in Banglampu will recognise.

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