Bonus Post – Toothpaste

Another toothpaste update!!! Yep, this could go on, and on….for as long as we clean our teeth….

After the jasmine flavour, then the lemon and lime flavour we hit rock bottom with thyme and longjing (Google translate) flavour.

It tasted of warm, milky tea and made me gag and heave everytime I used it. Needless to say I needed to get new toothpaste as I was getting tired of morning (and evening) sickness.

I decided to go old school with a minty flavour, what a relief, although the amount of foam produced is quite alarming!

But then Paula came to the rescue with good old Colgate……what a refreshing change, it was a lovely few days of refresh, clean teeth with little foam.

So, in conclusion, mint is classic flavour for toothpaste, although many of you probably knew that already and didn’t need to travel half the world to discover that. 

BTW…..Guy still reeks of thyme and longjing.

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