12.2.2017 Chang Mai

We are in Chang Mai for food and health, so set off to find Freedom Yoga so I can be flexible again. MapsMe said it was down the back streets 10 mins away from our place, but we managed to take closer to 30mins to get there! The menu is so tempting we stop for smoothies and breakfast of perfectly poached eggs on smashed arvo and sourdough bread. It is delicious, first soft poached egg for months, Guy is deliriously happy about smashed arvo.

We then walk, slowly, across town to Yoga Tree, another place which does Qi Gong, as well as dance meditation, 3 day swirling courses and of course, yoga.

We had researched SP Chicken as a place to go for moist, tasty, BBQ chickens, although we weren’t starving, we were near the stall so went there for lunch. The chickens are small and perfectly cooked, with a garlic baste that repeated on us all afternoon. The Som Tam that accompied it was spicy with chilli and sour with plenty of lime and a good dash of fish sauce for umami. 

It was like being back in China, with a 30 mins queue outside the restaurant, and amusingly for us, the Thai staff telling the Chinese tourists to get in line, no queue jumping. Guy spent the 30 mins taking photos of the chickens being slowly roasted, a lot of photos.

An amble back across town, stopping at Wat  Phra Singh on the way. The protruding gold elephants are a new sight for us!

We walk down the main street, stall holders are setting up for the Saturday Night market. We set off after dark to tackle it.

It is a shuffle-a-thon. Throngs of people everywhere, stalls full of ethnic goods, and lots of things you don’t need as a backpacker. Guy bought some fancy fisherman trousers….

The food section of the market was set up in a Buddhist temple grounds, we did a circuit and listed about 8 things we wanted…. whittled it down to 3 and ordered a Nham Klug, stewed pork with pickles over rice, mango sticky rice and a bonus dish of coconut pancakes. They were all delicous, and eaten in seconds.

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