13.2.2017 Chang Mai – Warorot Market

I had a vinyassa yoga class at Freedom Yoga at 10am. It was sweaty, very sweaty, I haven’t don’t that much sweating since we had yoga class in Kenilworth in 30 degree heat last summer. I loved it. The instructor, Nick, was really good, talking you through all the moves and very encouraging. He made my downward dog much better.

Guy enjoyed sometime on his own in the garden of our hostel. I think he enjoyed it more than I enjoyed the yoga…..

We had brunch in bland tourist restaurant, whole-wheat pancakes and fruit for me, lemongrass chicken salad for Guy.

We walked 3km to train station to buy overnight train tickets to get us back to Bangkok. The walk took us down motor mechanic street, not many other tourists were doing this walk. But as usual it was interesting to see life outside of the tourist bubble which is the Old Quarter. The bridge out of town had beautiful flowers, mainly petunias, at nose level as you crossed the traffic congested bottle neck.

Dinner was at Warorot night market, near China town. It was a small market and not particularly great. Guy indulged in sausages….for a change. 

We then had some curries from a stall run by a Thai woman who spoke good English, her son lives on Isle of Wight. She has had the stall for 25 years, her coconut fish curry was really good. We also at a pork curry and green chicken curry, they were small portions, which is why we had 3. 30 Baht each, less than a £1.

As we were close to the 7/11 which sold Tiramasu Magnum. I indulged again, Guy had an Oreo Corneto. 

2 thoughts on “13.2.2017 Chang Mai – Warorot Market”

    1. Meg…..We also had black forest gateux flavour recently….That was lush…
      You can never have too many sausages Isobel x
      Billy, I bet you won’t get a word in edgeways when you can talk with your chatty sisters 😋😋😋

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