14.2.2017 Chang Mai… There’s a Rat In Me Kitchen….

We had an early morning wake up by a Willy Nelson sound-a-like in our court yard. He had had a couple of ales, and maybe other intoxicants. Our hostel owners seemed to know him and kindly helped him out. His gravelly voice could only come from many years of smoking, you can only wonder at the life he may have had to end up here, in that state.

Today was the day of our first Qi Gong lesson. We walked across town and were 2 of 6 people in the group. It was a lot of arm waving. Not sure we got much out of it, but we are prepared to try it again.

Guy was in need of a haircut, and not wanting to risk multiple mossie bites doing it himself at ours decided he would treat himself to a razor cut. The razor was sharp, the barber careful, he emerged shiny and unscathed.

A bit further on Guy stopped for another treat, a Thai iced tea. We have had 5 days of no drinking coffee or alcohol, and this tea just set him off chatting, he didn’t stop for the next hour. I listened, politely.

We were on our way to Blue Diamond cafe, they promised avocados galore. The menu was so refreshing, full of salads, avocados, tuna, bacon, and lots of western food we haven’t had for months. We had a broccoli salad, tuna salad, bacon and avocado whole-wheat cob, and a tumeric tea. It was healthy, fresh, tasty and western prices. A great treat, once in a while.

Guy wanted to see some Wats so navigated us around them in the afternoon. They were quite different, first Wat Chang Man, believed to be the oldest. 

Second was Wat Pha Tao, not too old but made of teak and beautiful.

Finally was Wat Chedi Luang, a massive structure dating from 1441, which we sat on a bench and contemplated, for some time. 

A rest beckoned, and once darkness had fallen, which happens about 6.30 here, we were on the prowl for a Cowgirl selling pork. She was easy to find, the hat and queue of Chinese tourists gave her away. We waited patiently for 2 portions of juicy, pork knuckle on rice with pickles and chilli sauce and ate it with gusto, it was truly delicous, although we both probably could have had it without chilli sauce. It cost £2.50 for 2 portions.

On our journey to the Cowgirl stall we had passed some good looking dumplings (are there any other kind of dumplings???) so stopped for them, and bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms at a Japanese food street stall. The food was really tasty and we were full. 

Near the end of the meal Guy spotted a rat emerging from a concrete pipe behind my stool and it ran across the pavement. Happy Valentine’s, I am such a lucky girl to have a husband who takes me to all the fancy restaurants (and some not so fancy ones too….)

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