16.2.2017 Chang Mai Shopping Spree

We awake a little blearily, however are both surprised we don’t actually feel as bad as we feared. I google best coffee in Chang Mai and we follow MapsMe to Overstand, a coffee house, run by an Aussie. The coffee beans are arabica from Northern Thailand (in case you need to know!), it is robust flavour, not dissimilar to Laos coffee. We also treat ourselves to brunch. Chorizo, herbed tomatoes, hummous parmesan eggs on sourdough bread. The sweet, spicy taste of the chorizo is like a familiar old friend we haven’t seen for ages and had forgot quite how special they were. We also have salmon, eggs, radish, capers on sourdough. It’s been a long time since we ate off a wooden board.

Oddly enough, for a hangover, we both feel like shopping. Usually the thought of shopping is enough to send me to the pub, but we get Guys wallet out and have some retail therapy. Several dresses, items of jewellery and hats later we  have our daily visit to Boots. The first time we went into Chang Mai Boots we thought there was some Chinese geocashing going on, it was rammed with Chinese youth. Now we realise they have no Boots so need to buy up baskets of whitening creams, make-up etc.before going back to the Non Boots China. If Boots were in China they would make a fortune.

Shopped out, and ever so slightly concerned at how the hell it was all going to fit in the rucksacks, we found ourselves in a restaurant with a bowl of Khao Soi and a couple of Leo’s.


Our hostel has a beautiful little garden, so we sat in dappled sunshine, admiring the koi in the pond and enjoyed a Chang, or maybe 2. An entertaining half hour was spent WhatsApp’ing friends in Ireland on their way to work.

Guy had planned to go to a meditation evening, it was something he had looked forward to all week. However, beer and meditation don’t mix. He decided to live in the moment and have another beer.

We wanted to try Lanna food again, so we go to Huen Phan restaurant. We have a grey curry of bananas flower and pork, it is fishy tasting. A Nam Priik with fish which is tasty, a raw looking pork and egg fish which tastes ok but I can’t get over the look of it, sausages which are lush, and baby aubergine salad which is fishy and spicy. We both agree we are not keen on this cuisine and have a Mai Tai (Guy) and GandT (me) to celebrate this discovery. 

We end up in a bar round the corner from our hostel, it has live music on and expensive beer. We are about to be sensible and call it a night when the guy plays Radiohead. It ends up being a late night with many beers being drunk and many conversations had. 

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