18.2.2017 Back in Bangkok

We had both got to sleep just before we were supposed to wake up…..4.30am. We were all awoken to get up, get the beds made back into seats and sit for an hour, trying not to be grumpy about having got up so blooming early.

Once at Hualamphong station (not Humpalong station, as was cited in first edition of this post), we waited half an hour for a 53 bus that never showed, our bus info was clearly out of date.

A tuktuk ride later we were in early morning Banglampoo, again just after the street cleaners, and waiting for someone to check out so we could get into a room.

The plan was to catch up on sleep and then meet Paula and Dave at 3pm. We had some chicken on rice, checked in, showered, tried to sleep, couldn’t manage it. We rearranged to met at 1pm and had a great afternoon catching up and drinking beers, cocktails, whatever came our way. 

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