10.3.17 Penang to Kuala Lumpur

You maybe wondering where the 9th is?

Food.Blog.Food.Pack.Food.Bed. There you go. Just like most days.

Our expanding waistlines tell us its time to leave.

The bus is the most comfortable one yet. Three large seats wide and a good reclining level.

About an hour into the journey we pull into a garage. This isn’t expected. The driver tells us we need to change a tyre and we’ll be 20 minutes. We take the opportunity to buy crisps and nuts and pastry products from the garage next door for a healthy buffet breakfast.

An hour later and we’re back off. We listen to music and I’m so comfy and the ride is so smooth I fall asleep. Later, I come round from my slumber and watch Malaysia zoom past the window.

The aircon stops and we start to warm up. We pull over to the hard shoulder. The driver tells us the fan belt has gone and he needs to fix it. He takes his toolkit and goes outside. We start sweating as the temperature in the bus soars. We wait. The bus rocks from side to side as trucks speed past us. A bus pulls up in front. We are told to change and luckily there are exactly the right number of seats free. Another hour and we are in KL. 

A helpful ticketbooth lady explains our tube options and after two short rides we walk to our apartment hotel. This is our last Asian destination and sadly for us our last overland destination so we decided to up our flashpacker credentials and go out in style. We have a double bed, ensuite, fridge, kettle, pool and gym! 

Oh Yes! 

An ensuite!

We head to the local, huge temple of consumerism, Times Square, for food, where an ordinary chicken and chips and noodle dish fills us. Friday night essentials of red wine and chocolate are bought and we luxuriate in our 22nd floor room enjoying the view across KL.

Stadium Negara

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