17.3.17 Melbourne – St Patrick’s Day

So, another visit to Post restante with our tracking number to find that our licences haven’t even got to Oz yet. There is no indication as to how long it will take when they arrive, just that they have to go to Sydney, then elsewhere before Melbourne. They will not be turning up soon.

We are pretty gutted and have talked it over (a lot!) and decided we don’t want to go to NZ and not do it justice, with no driving licences it will be difficult to get around and we will be spending the last of our cash on a holiday which we won’t get to see what we want. We still have the China visa and Great Wall to see, so maybe we will do that instead and not use our flight (£260 for both of us) to NZ. More money lost. Interestingly, the last few weeks we spent ages talking about booking the NZ flight, but never acted on it, we are now regretting eventually booking it.

We haven’t booked a flight out of NZ yet as we are unsure where to go, although we do know we are heading home soon as we are missing family, friends and need to save up for our next adventure (whatever that might be).

As we were expecting to be in Coonawara tomorrow we hadn’t booked any accommodation, our current Air BnB room is not available so, yet again, we are trying to get last-minute accommodation which is always a pain, and not cheap. We find somewhere across town, and then get on with actually seeing Melbourne.

Using VicFree wifi to sort our travels out

Guy takes us on a heritage walk around the city centre.

Aussie Burger King, so called as the American company didn’t get the trading name Burger King as a shop in Adelaide already had the name.

There is a buzz around the city, as you find anywhere on a Friday night, and especially Paddy’s Day, a few Irish pubs are already heaving with punters in the streets with a pints of the black stuff being enthusiastically drunk, even at 2pm.

It is strange being back in a city where there are well dressed people, with beautiful clothes, smelly perfumes, matching handbags and shoes. We try to look inconspicuous in our well worn (and well washed) clothes, knackered flip flops, practical shoulder bag, unmatching clothes and eau d’traveller aroma around us.

Melbourne is looking good. Buildings are colonial or art deco and many are fresh looking cafes or coffee roasterys with the beard and flat cap that accompanies such cool places. We feel at home (even if we don’t look the part!!).

We are meeting Johan at 4.30pm and at about 3pm spot a beautiful looking little wine and cheese bar, Punch Lane Wine bar. The wines by the glass look enticing, soon we were seated and enjoying a crisp, Marlborough Savingnon Blanc and a light Yarra Valley Pinot Noir. It is a great aperetif to Guinness.

4.30pm and we are sat on the Post Office steps, watching the Melbourne-ites going about their Friday afternoon. We are quickly reunited with Johan and go to the English pub across the road, Elephant and Wheelbarrow. The rest of the night is spent drinking pints of Guinness, collecting flat caps, baseball caps, loosing my purse (returned to me by the Mancunian bar maid), avoiding bust ups (bloke from Leeds was being taunted by a local), and trying to understand Johan’s cousin Andrews thick Dublin accent, which he hadn’t lost despite living here for years.

Us, Johan and his work mate, Roger

It was a great end to a week that had thrown up its challenges, meeting Johan and having a night in a pub was just what we needed.

Wines tasted:

Marlborough Savignon Blanc Astrolobe 2015

Yarra Valley Pinot Noir ….. erm can’t remember the rest 🍇

Irish Guinness 2017 free hat included in price of £7.50 a pint…….

2 thoughts on “17.3.17 Melbourne – St Patrick’s Day”

  1. Hi you two!!!
    I have just missed a call from Australia on my mobile don’t know. Who from so just checking you both ok and if their is anything you need us to do love Carole

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