18.3.2017 Melbourne Balwyn to Alphington

Awoke with very dull heads, probably much the same as most the Irish nation felt. Breakfast was cheesy beans on toast (given a Guy twist by adding our remaining salami) and a cup of tea, and by 11am we were packed and walking to the tram stop. 

We had to change on the tram to the trains station, Guy was in charge of logistics so I was waiting for him to give me the nod to collect bags and get off the tram in an orderly fashion. Unfortunately he was not quite on the ball, so we were both sat back relaxing when Richmond station appeared, we jumped into action, elbowed kids, prams and parents out of the way to grab backpacks, exit the tram and find ourselves and our belongings deposited on the pavement. 

We pulled ourselves together and got the train and bus replacement service to Alphington, to our next Air BnB. This was a room in the family home, the owners weren’t there so it felt quite weird going into the home without them. There were lots of paintings and wall hangings that showed this couple had travelled to Cuzco, China, India, and some lovely family photos so we felt like we knew them already when they walked in later and caught me peering at a photo of them.

It was a hot and sunny Saturday so we had a wander into the local town of Fairfield, which was a lovely suburb with loads of coffee roasterys, cafes, Lebanese bread shop, chicken n chip, fish n chip and lots of Asian restaurants. Amazing variety in such a small area. We were on a mission to have an Aussie pie, we wanted steak and cheese but only found plain beef, beef with cheesy mash and for pudding a delicous beef rendang pie. Times are tough. These were eaten in the local park washed down with a can of fizzy pop….. yes, we felt that bad….

The park was lovely, beautiful scenery and some music going on as well. We relaxed.

For dinner we had a smoked salmon salad ūü•ó with a bottle of Savignon Blanc which was deliciously‚Äč refreshing after all the red wine we had been having.  Our hosts were lovely and we spent time chatting with them and planning tomorrow’s trip to Yarra valley. 

Wines tasted:

Tasmanian Savignon Blanc Norfolk Rise 2015

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