22.3.2017 Dromana

A day off from wine tasting meant a lie in which was lucky as most the night had been spent listening to the wind and rain fight it out around the house.

We got up and Guy served up a lovely huevos rancheros for brunch, good old Scottish fare, Gez 😁.

DiSCLAIMER: The reason Guy is having wine for breakfast is not because are alcoholics, we were that already, but the Pinot was being opened for drinking later, so he had to see the difference in the taste now and 6 hours later. Honestly, you couldn’t make this up!

Once the wind and rain had died down we walked into town with the intention of finding WiFi and coffee. 

In the end we found no WiFi but very smooth, fruity coffee and nostalgic cakes for me – Melting Moments to anyone else that had a mum that owned the Bero Cookbook. Guy had a peanut butter AND salted caramel brownie…..OMG, why have I never thought of putting peanut butter in brownies?

We got some supplies from Ritchie’s supermarket and went back home for an afternoon of diary writing, blogging (with no WiFi) and drinking local wines. We also listened to some Ella and Mamas and Papas on this…..it was fabulous, felt like a Sunday afternoon, without the BBC2 western film.

Tea was leftovers, blue cheese for pudding and the evening was spent watching TV, it is loosing it’s sparkle now, all the adverts are the same so it is good we are moving on tomorrow. 

Wines tasted:

Mornington Pennisula Savignon Blanc Eldridge Fume 2016

Mornington Pennisula Pinot Noir Ten Minutes by Tractor 2015

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