24.3.2017 Sydney arrival, Glebe and Darling Harbour

Amazingly we had the same bus driver all the way from Melbourne to Sydney, a 12 hour journey with just 2 breaks. Thai bus drivers have it easier than that, and have access to unlimited M150 energy drink.

We are staying in Newtown, close to where I stayed when I first went backpacking on my own in 1994. At that time though I was staying with Joanna, my godparents daughter, in her student flat until I finally got the courage up to go out into Oz on my own. It is still a student area but also very cool and hipster with lots of Opp shops (charity to us Brits, short for opportunity) eg Salvos, Vinnies. Reno shops (second hand to us Brits, short for renovation) with all different eras of furniture in them, second hand clothes shops full of shabby chic clothes and arty, designer shops owned by funky creative types. This is before you get to talk about the cafes, coffee roasterys, bars, eaterys, restaurants and street art that are everywhere. It really is a great area for us to be located here and went someway towards Guy forgiving me for booking the no WiFi in Dromana place. 

Newtown street art

Our shabby motel wasn’t open til 10am, so we had a mediocre coffee and breakfast, then another coffee and Guy tried a tumeric latte too. He loved it, I am unconvinced. 

Eventually we were shown our digs, possibly the worst we have had so far, but the cheapest we could find in this expensive city.

We are close to the city and also Glebe, an area we both loved from our last trip here, full of second hand book shops and cafes, again, what is not to like?  

We took a walk through the Uni to Glebe, browsed the bookshops, admired the beautiful buildings, walked into Darling Harbour and watched the clouds gather overhead and begin to drench us. 

Glebe street art
Darling harbour, not in its best light

As has been proven, time and time again, it doesn’t rain in pubs. So that is where we found ourselves.

The rain-free Marlborough Hotel or ‘Marley’

In need of health and non alcoholic liquids our dinner was soup based. Wonton soup for Guy, Laksa for me, which we enjoyed whilst observing a cockroach loitering around our table.

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