25.3.2017 Sydney, The Rocks

In Newtown, we strolled about and found a great coffee place near us. It was packed, so we had coffee only and moved onto Three Queens cafe for brunch, consisting of massive feta and sweet corn croquettes with shagged arvo. Yep, that is what a shagged arvo looks like, folks.

Very, very good Newtown Coffee
Shagged Arvo

Salmon with courgette muffins and orange hollandaise for me. 

We had a walk into town through Surrey Hills, full of more roasterys, eaterys and cafes (I have no idea what the difference is between a cafe and eatery), enjoying the old houses and art deco buildings and observing the pubs filled with blokes on the first day of the ARL season.

Seriously, do you need this much sport in  a bar?

We carried on to Circular Quay, past the Opera House to The Rocks.

On this Saturday afternoon the area was filled with uber cool people, dressed up to the nines. We sipped craft ale in the Tap house whilst watching a wedding reception venue, situated half way down a very steep street, get filled up with women tottering in, wearing vertigo inspiring heels and teeny skirts. I noticed 2 very different ladies wearing the same outift, oooohhhh, that will be fun later, I mused.

There were musicians performing and selling CDs all around the area, we listened to a great version of Radiohead’s High and Dry, before he launched into the Black Key’s Thick Freakiness. Fab!

Many artisan shops and markets are situated throughout The Rocks selling unique, beautiful clothes, homeware and gifts at a price. There was massive cruise ship in the harbour, and the whole area was filled with tourists, many of them Chinese, which when you look at the markets you can start to understand why their reported average daily spend as tourists is $2200.

We got back to Newtown via Erskineville, via another bar, admiring more architecture. 

Finally we had a mixed grill at a Greek restaurant, with a bottle of BYO (Bring Your Own) Aussie Pinot Noir. I had forgotten what a good idea BYO was!!!! The meal was also delicious..

Wine tasted:

Yarra Valley Pinot Noir Sticks 2015

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