3.4.2017 Waverley 

Eventually we got up, made our way to a cafe we had spotted yesterday, full of Sunday brunchers, so we thought we would go on a Monday morning and avoid the crowds. Rubys diner is a lovely place, the menu is full of chia seeds, alternative grains,  sourdough and the like. It also has bulletproof coffee, so Guy had to try one. He loved it, like a high calorie, creamy filter coffee, coffee, butter and coconut oil……

Bulletproof coffee, no low calorie version available!
Guy’s usual, eggs on toast with extra bacon and arvo. Note the arvo is sliced; not smashed or shagged.
Gluten and dairy free banana bread, served with homemade honey ricotta, so not completely dairy free

There was torrential rain outside whilst we were enjoying brunch, which was slightly concerning as we were planning a few miles walk along the eastern beaches. We carried on regardless, we are British and waterproof, and we avoided too much rain.

What a stunning flower shop?

The walk was into Bondi, then along Bronte, Clovelly finally ending up at Coogee beach. It was stunning scenery even without the blue skies.

Bondi before the clouds gathered….
Swimming pool by the beach, just so the sharks don’t bite you. Health and safety gone mad!!!

We sat and watched the surfers enjoy riding the waves. 

Guys cool photos of dudes surfing

Then it was back Ness and Matt’s home for wonderful food, gin and wine!!!

Matt pouring us some of his home brew, it was actually pretty good!!!!

A pint in Matt’s local meant we were embroiled in a pub quiz which we came last, spectacularly. We blame the fact the questions were all Australian based…..Matt kept the ‘winning’ voucher.

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