8.4.2017 Auckland

We are staying in Mt Eden, which as the name suggests has a slight incline to the area. Our host, Richard is full of NZ and Auckland facts and has told us that Auckland is built on 46 volcanos, not all of them​ still active and not many of them still looking like volcanos. Mt Eden is dead as far as volcanic activity is concerned, but still a small hike uphill. 

Crater at top of Mt Eden

We had a short 15 minute, slightly breathless, walk up the Mount and were welcomed at the top by many Chinese tourists and stunning views over the city and bays of Auckland.

View of downtown Auckland

Having got our bearings at the summit, spotted about 10 volcanos still left around the area and viewed Eden Park, we had a walk down the other side of Mt Eden and onto Downtown Auckland. 

Eden park, home of Kiwi rugby

Fortunately we were passing through some dumpling restaurants, one was called Love Dumpling, and you can guess what happened next??? Pork and fennel dumplings, not the best we have had, but we still have to find a dumpling we don’t like.

Off centre dumplings on a plate

A wander down Queen Street and a few memories were coming back to us from 17 years ago, Real Groovy records was one of them.

Massive tower, and no, we didn’t go up it….vertigo!!!

Much more walking later, and a couple of magnums were devoured, red velvet and the ubiquitous hokey pokey flavour.

Soon we were in Newmarket and visiting a Countdown supermarket and getting a bus home laden with salad and dips. Dips are particularly good here, current ones we are sampling are Aubergine and cashew nut, also Kumara and coconut.  

Lisa knows her dips

Dinner was a healthy bacon and arvo salad, and an early night watching Force Awakens (Guy) & Kingpin (Al).

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