12.4.2017 Rainy Auckland

With the time difference between here and home we are getting used to catching up with family and (usually alcohol happy) friends early in the morning. It is an entertaining start to the day whilst lazing around. We are now used to our phones not pinging, bleeping, ringing throughout the day which will no doubt change when we get home. I do like it this way though 😁

Rain, and lots of it, was forecast for today, so we decide that as we have experience of inclement weather in the UK and that sheltering in a pub is the best way to deal with this, we plan to stick to what we know.

Kiwi adverts….. LOL

Before that can happen we need to do the caffeined run up and down the extinct volcano, less views than before, same amount of Chinese tourists. 

Atmospheric views

Washing, food shopping and book buying later and we were looking out on our normally sunny patio wondering what on earth had happened to the weather. I know they said rain, but this was Asian appocolyptic rain. 

Rain on the patio. Serious rain

When it slacked off we walked to Brothers Brewery​, drank beer, wrote blogs and diaries and ate some flipping amazing food. 

Demonstrating use of umbrella outside the brewery

The brisket of beef and the pastrami were amazing. The sides of beans and cabbage will no doubt make a reappearance later in the form of noxious gases. 

Note​ to self: must remember to leave a window open tonight.

A short walk to Galbraith’s and we sampled award winning beer and carried on with blogging and diary writing. Tough day eh?

An English (kiwi) award winning bar

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