13.4.2017 Auckland and Cyclone Cook

Everyone was being warned about an incoming Cyclone, named Cook. Businesses were shutting early, although as it coincided with the Easter break this could have been an excuse to get off early??

As the rain had been pretty appocolyptic the last couple of days we were dreading more rain and more wind. Still, the weather was ok in the morning for the ritual of caffeine and volcano walking. 

Caffeine was courtesy of a new cafe over the road, run by a friendly Italian. The coffee was strong and got us up and down Mt Eden at a fast pace.

We got back home, did some chores and sat around, waiting. The sun came out. Guy decided that his jeans didn’t fit, so we had to take them back. This attracted howls of derision from myself, along with taunts of ‘maybe you should have tried more jeans on!’.

Train ride later and we were in Newmarket and Guy was buying Birkonstocks, can you tell we are on our way home??? Jeans changed and we got a bus to Mt Eden and had a Japanese meal at Coen, with a free miso soup as they were closing for the Easter weekend. 

We were out of wine, and if a cyclone was forcasted we needed wine to see us through. Sensibly we bought just one bottle, yep, One, 1. 

Walk home in fine drizzle and we sat around the house, blogging, writing diary and chatting to Michelle, our house mate, who was also catching up on her diary.

Frustrated with technology, I suggested a glass of wine at 5pm.

Our host Richard came home from work at 5.30. Cyclone Cook never appeared.

We ran out of wine at 6pm, why did we only buy one bottle? Guy and Michelle got more wine and we chatted through the evening and had sausage butties for tea. 

We got a great Air BnB review from Richard!!!

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