15.4.2017 Wellington reminiscing

Arrival at 5.30am in Wellington was a little early, too early for buses, so we walked 3km, with the last km being uphill to our Air BnB place. Luckily Anne, our host, was ok with us getting there early and didn’t call the police thinking we were breaking in.

We caught some zzzzzz’s before having spiced apple hot cross buns.

Supermarket hot cross buns with lashings of butter and honey

We then set off on a day reminiscing around Wellington. 

Bay Hotel where were spent NYE 1999

We had lived here for 9 months over 1999/2000 and loved it so much we applied for residency only to be one point short. Still, no regrets as we cannot complain about the past 17 years and where we are now.

We walked through Courtney Place, noticing the Irish bars we used to frequent, and dance like mad drunk leprechauns on small dance floors, had sadly disappeared. The kebab shops are still there though and Cuba Street is as cool and hip as before. 


Water buckets on Cuba Street. Tourists always take photos of these.

We drank a craft ale which was gorgeous (and should have been for £8 pint)

Expensive craft ale…..is there any other type?

A restaurant which did different dumpling fillings caught our eyes, we were seated and another craft ale in hand before you could say ‘Cuba Street hipster’.

Seafood dumplings in a thai coconut broth
Beef and carrot dumplings in consomme
Beef brisket with sourdough, mustard and pickles

We may have had another beer to watch the Hurricane’s vs Blues rugby match and may have had a kiwi kebab on the way home, just as delicious as 18 years ago, and this time I didn’t get it thrown at me……

Me ordering kebab, hoping it doesn’t end up whizzing past my ear.

Then we were home for an early night.

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