16.4.2017 Easter in Wellington

Our morning hike was Mt Victoria and a little more than a 15 mins sprint uphill and we were at the summit. It was a refreshing and breathtaking walk as it had to be done quickly as there was a southerly coming in. 

Pre Southerly photo.
Southerly inbound photo

You could see the wind and rain approaching and within 5 mins of it starting we were drenched to the skin and wishing we had got our arses out of bed earlier!!! Still we are waterproof, and at least I hadn’t choosen to wear skin tight white jeans like some poor lass had, she was caked in mud by the time she was at the bottom of the hill.

Dripping wet we trudged through Courtney Place alongside other tourists who had been similarly caught out in the rain and stumbled across a VW campervan and Beetle show. I happily peered through all the windows and started dreaming of our next adventure. 

Statue next to campervan.

Teeth chattering we went for some food at a Japanese restaurant, a bowl of miso soup has never been hand hugged so much. We ordered hot sake just to keep us warm, as it was a public holiday there was great discussion as whether we had ordered enough food to warrant the alcoholic sake. Jeez!!! 

Raman, gyoza, tempura veg.
Hot, hot sake…..

Much, much more walking later we found a wine bar that allowed drinking and eating in reasonable quantities. We tried Kiwi wines and had an excellent meat platter and had a really enjoyable few hours. 

White wines
Red wines.
Guy before drinking wine

20 mins walk home and a chat to our host and we were in our room watching The Bachelor and My Kitchen Rules (MKR) cosy and warm with red wine and some excellent Kiwi chocolate biccies.

More red wine
Kiwi biscuit selection, closest we got to an Easter egg

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