17.4.2017 Wellington

A first today, I really didn’t want to get out of bed as it was cold. We found the heater and turned it to max, within 10 mins we were toasty and warm, after 15 mins we had to turn it down. Able to cope, we got up and went for a walk up Mt Victoria again, with much better views and weather than the day before.

View from Mt Victoria 

A very steep decent off the mount and we were down on Oriental Parade, the posh part of Wellington admiring the architecture of the local houses.  

Which one do you want to live in?

And eating a home made sarnie.

Cheesy grins please 

We didn’t eat the local mushies (mushrooms to us Brits).

How dangerous does that look?

We found an Asian food court and lots of sales on warm clothing which we took advantage of and I am now sporting a new, breathable jacket, bliss.

Arty shot of Wellington

Dinner was Japanese again, different restaurant but just as good dumplings.

Okonmyaki and seaweed salad
Dumplings in a box
Sashimi don buri

We get home to have a Skype call with our nieces and nephew to tell them we are coming home, they were very, very excited.

Red wine and watching the next installment of The Bachelor and What really happens in Bali, which is very different to our Bali experience 18 years ago!!!

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