19.4.2017 Wellington and it’s Club

Seen on walk into town.


Cuba street looking cool.

Hipster enough for you?

We treat ourselves to brunch at Fidels in Cuba street. It has had queues outside it most times we have passed by. There is no queue so we dive in and share a vegan and a Spanish breakfast, decent coffee, and are fuelled up for the​ day.

Non vegan option…..ummmm butter…
This is all vegan…and lush

We wander down to the waterfront, to look for a bar me and my friend Colette visited last time we were here. We had come back from the south island on the ferry and dived into a posh bar and drunk proseccos like a couple of ladies that lunch.

I think this was it???
Cool piano

We then have another trip down memory lane and go into the Wellington Club, where we waitered back in 1999/2000. The woman on reception was Rochelle, and she was also there when we worked there, so she was happy to show us around, tell us what had happened to our work bosses and colleagues, Yurgen, Dominic, Gail, and give us an update on the changed that have gone on. Jeans are allowed! It was so kind of her to do it and we so enjoyed our trip down memory lane.

Wonderful memories

Next was a bus journey around the bays on No 24 bus which runs every hour, just like the No 10 bus used to from Rudd to Bridgford!!! We killed half an hour looking for hokey pokey ice cream and getting a sweet creme egg gelato instead.

Hipster with gelato

The views around the bays on the bus were beautiful, we even got commentary from the bus driver when going past the old prison. 

Unfortunately we were not able to make the whole journey as there was a gas leak near the end, so our lady bus driver had to reverse a long bus back down a steep, narrow road, do a 3 point turn and head back over the hillside. It was amazing to see.

We stopped for cake/sausage roll and wine at Peter Jacksons cinema in Miramar, a gorgeous 1920’s restored building which was just stunning. 

Afternoon tea Guy style
Stunning 1920’s foyer
Some wizard….

Bus back into town and we stopped at Noble Rot for a wine or two.

White wines tasted
Red wines tasted
Posh French wine, still not convinced it is worth it

Then back to ours for tat TV.

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