24.4.2017 Marlborough vineyards Day 4

Our penultimate Monday before returning to the UK and we had to get up early to drop off our rental bikes, still it wasn’t until 9.30 that we dropped them off and then we were having breakfast at Ritual.  Sweetness for me, man sized full English for Guy.

Waffles with bananas, date caramel and cream
Full English with herb potato waffles

A bit of diary and blog catching up was done and then we were off on another days vineyards adventures, only this time it was different. We had chatted to a somillier, Alex, at Nobel Rot in Wellington, and found out that his dad owns Greywacke vineyards, he offered us a chance of a tasting as they don’t have a public cellar door. We first tasted their savvy (as the kiwis call Sauvignon Blanc) when staying in Cellar Wine Bar, Clevedon, and over a long weekend, we never had a bad wine at that place, and the Greywacke savvy stood out! So we had to turn up with fresh palettes at 2pm at Greywacke HQ, we were very excited.

Me, setting the pace around Marlborough

We set off early for our cycle ride, the sky was blue, the leaves of the Pinot Noir vines were turning red, as we have learnt that this is what happens 2 weeks after the grapes are picked. The wind was making itself known a little but it was mainly helping us along the road at a fast pace. It is such stunning scenery with the mountains in the distance and vines in the foreground, I will miss this ride so much.

Typical Marlborough view 

We were about an hour early for the tasting at Greywacke so decided to go to Brancott estate to see what they had to offer. Boy, oh, boy, was that a view worth cycling to.

Autumn vineyards in Marlborough

We didn’t expect much, Brancott being a massive multinational who do bargain price wines at home, so apart from the stunning views we were stunned at the wines available. It was $12 for a tasting, by far the most expensive but it was well worth it and we had more than were listed on the ‘official’ tasting.

An OCD’s dream vineyard

Then a quick cycle down the hill to Greywacke, we turned up as Kevin was finishing a pork pie for lunch. Good start, proper tucker!!!

For the next hour and 40 mins we learnt so much from him, there was another Finnish guy at the tasting who was working at Hunter vineyard, who knew loads as well so we just soaked up the knowledge and thoroughly enjoyed the wines, and even got to take a couple of the opened bottles home. Kevin’s photos were also stunning as you can see from his website.  If you ever see a Greywacke wine, try it.

Our Greywacke haul 

We then cycled like crazy to get back to Lawson Dry Hills before it closed. This is our final vineyard for this region, the other side to town. We went here in 2000 but it was much much swankier now, the TV has been replenished since it fell off the wall in the recent earthquake, the wines on the wall stayed put​. 

More OCD loveliness

Always remember to rehydrate when cycling

A few wines tasted and we were back on our bikes and cycling home for a buffet tea and tat TV. 

19 miles cycled according to Google.

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