Back to reality – Month 3

We still don’t have jobs sorted. It takes a little longer than previously thought to get jobs at our age.

So we drink coffee…..

Another double espresso

And eat food……

Homemade scallion (…american recipe) pancake, fried, for breakfast.

Watch Radiohead’s set from Glastonbury for the zillionth time……

Thom doing his thang………

Have some gin at St Paul’s bar

Very posh gin and tonic…..for that read expensive.

And manage to survive another month in Birmingham.

5 thoughts on “Back to reality – Month 3”

  1. Wow 3 months already! Can you come cook at ours? It all looks amazing! See you guys Sunday 🙂

  2. Coffee food alcohol and no work sounds good to me, you could always come back to sunny Kenilworth x

  3. If you would excuse a rude question, could I ask how long it took you to save enough money to fund your long trip? (I’ve been working full time since I was a teenager and I still don’t have a lot of savings, outside my retirement account which is through my employer.) Did you have a goal in mind for a long time, or did you wing it? Best of luck finding interesting work.

    1. We had a 5 year plan, which just involved saving hard, cutting back on all bills, only having one car…..all the usual things really. Guy also went mad on e-bay and sold loads of our stuff – which saved us on storage costs when away so that was a win-win situation. Obviously having no kids helps (!!) as well and we had few holidays and bought very little stuff whilst doing that. We can be quite ruthless at times, but the end goal was worth it…..although you probably know that already from your travels 😁.
      Good luck in your saving, I can’t wait to hear about it when you are off on your big trip x

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