31.3.2017 Hawks Nest

After our late night we were slightly sluggish at getting up!  We breakfasted and headed out, inbetween rain showers, for a coffee at the local bakery, obviously Guy couldn’t resist an Aussie pie.

And Peter couldn’t resist a large slice of carrot cake, it was so big he shared it and saved some for lunch.

Afterwards we had a car based tour of the area in slightly less summery weather than we were expecting. Guy manfully got out the car to take photos.

We sheltered from the remains of Cyclone Debbie and stayed in the car. 

After a visit to see Gordon and Trish, Bette’s brother and sister in law and viewing their amazing collection of shells and fruit trees, we headed off to an excellent seafood shop nearby. Bette got a kilo of cooked, fresh prawns and we had them for lunch with cobs, avocado and seafood sauce.  It was hands on food and absolutely delicious, sweet and so fresh, the best prawns we have had. We may have had wine with the meal as well!!

The rain was persisting so we ventured out again to the Tea Gardens Boatshed for Peters favourite drink, a London Fog. Earl Grey tea,with frothy milk and vanilla syrup. Not for everyone but Peter and Guy loved it.

We may have had a delicous cake as well!

Gluten free chocolate and macadamia nut cake

Bette and Peter are obviously well known there as we got a sample of one of their desserts, popped onto our table, just to taste!

Strawberry compote, pistachio parfait, cake

Also on chatting to the owner, we found out he had grown up in Bloxwich, the same town as Guy’s mum, June. Small world, innit?

We then went kangaroo spotting and saw them roaming people’s gardens happy to pose for photos.

We had a lovely last evening with Bette and Peter, drinking more wine and watching some English tv and putting the world to rights!