Fitbit update

When I left work they bought me a fitbit so I would know how far I walked and how much I slept. I was chuffed to bits with the present and thought I would give an update on it, in case any of them are still reading the blog. 


September – 217 hours

October – 214 hours

November – 240 hours

December – 177 hours so far……

Walked – miles

September – 233 miles

October – 230 miles

November – 220 miles

December – 135 miles so far……

Walked – 455,761steps


Fitbit is a little scratched but still working fine, small suntan line can be seen if you squint at the photo. Guy disputes this. 


Thankfully the fitbit cannot register my calorific intake of dumplings. 


So we started off walking more miles than we slept in hours and as we have moved into ‘traveller’ mode we are sleeping more hours than miles we have walked. Result!!