20.2.2017 Bangkok, one last night

It is our final full day in Bangkok, as always we are sad to be leaving, having had such fun and good times here. Every morning as we pass our reception, invariably there is always someone asking to extend their stay by one more night, the thought of leaving this vibrant city is hard for most people. We do not extend our stay, even though we both want to.

We are heading for a holiday on the Thai islands, travelling is exhausting business (ahem…😂) so some beach time is needed. We have just under a month now until we fly to Australia (for more travelling) so need to make the most of it.

A few Google searches later and our ‘holiday’ destination has changed from Koh Phi Phi to Koh Mook, it is less touristy and more relaxing and still on the way to Kuala Lumpur, our flight departure point.

We book an overnight bus and get on with the important business of eating as much street food as we can. I fail to find a curry and rice restaurant I had researched, but we did find a fried stuff on a stick stand, and purchased a few sticks of unidentifiable stuff which turned out to be crab, chicken, fish balls all slathered in a chilly sauce. Crunchy, tasty and spicy. Perfect breakfast.

A coffee fuelled me, and we had a walk around the block and saw a really tasty looking rice, holy basil and chicken/pork stand. We must have walked past the spot a few times and missed it, or the opening hours were erratic. The wait of 30mins was worth it, we lost about half a stone dehydrating whilst waiting, and put it straight back on with a huge plate of food, drizzled in Thai chillis. Addictive.

We needed to shop…. two sarongs and a hammock later and we are ready for the islands…..

A siesta and a couple of beers later we have dinner in Joy Luck Club, a eclectic little restaurant who do a sour massumum curry with roti and hard fried salmon with mango Som Tam which is spicy and tasty.

Home to pack, trying to fit everything in without splitting the rucksack.