Last Indian transfer

So we said our fond farewells to everyone at Marari Villas, what a fabulous place to stay. They were all there to wave us off / check we hadn’t nicked any fixtures and fittings….not that we have any space in our 10.9kg (Al) and 15kg (Guy) back packs! I had wanted to slum it and get a train to Cochin, however with just 2 trains a day erratically leaving the nearest train station Guy got his way and we drove in AC comfort to our last home stay in India – Heritage Bungalow, Vipeen/Vypeen/Vipin/Vypin/Vyypin – feel free to used whichever spelling you fancy. So the journey of 60 km took us just 1.5 hours, on good roads, no potholes, and even 2 lanes with traffic lights appearing. However the most amazing thing was that our driver only sounded his horn 3 times…..yep, that is 3 times in 90 mins, which I believe is a world record.
So we are back in a big, sweaty, claustrophobic city, with people everywhere, more traffic fumes than you care to think about and weirdest of all, other western backpackers! After seeing very few other westerners, let alone any other traveller types, it is strange to be back, wandering down streets for western tourists, although whoever advised someone to start up a cafe for Syrian, Creole and fusion food should be sacked, surely?
We are staying on a small island across from Cochin, which means we have to get a short ferry across to Fort Cochin or Cochin city itself, the ferry journey costs a budget busting 2p for one person, and the car ferry is the best one to go on. The ferry doors don’t raise up when leaving, the ferry parks by drifting into the concrete ‘jetty’ and somehow positioning itself where all vehicles can drive off it.
Our home stay is fabulous, it is run by Neema, and her husband. He used to be a merchant seaman so their house is filled with memorabilia from their travels.  We have been promised a tour before we leave. We had dinner with them last night, the food was never ending, huges bowls of spinach and coconut curry,  pineapple and yogurt curry, green bean and prawn curry, fish in spiced gravy, rice, yam and potato curry just for me and Guy which we ate whilst they chatted to us. Thankfully we managed not to dribble too much down us and / or the table cloth……..our mother’s would be proud!
Then, as we are staying in their home, we left them to watch TV, clear up etc whilst we sat in our room reading. I gave up on Miranda’s autobiography and read Hemingway, the Old man and the Sea if you need to know. Guy is ploughing on with Tolstoy.
Rock n Roll!