18.4.2017 Martinborough vineyards

Early morning and we are on a bus, getting a train to Martinborough, a region that is renowned for its Pinot Noir, so Guy is really excited.

Guy with his happy face 😁 

I have spent months trying to convince Guy I would behave if we hired a tandem bike, he finally relented and we had ordered one for today.  We got to Martinborough via a local wine tour bus. This was because the driver of the local bus was sick so the wine tours were doubling up as public transport, I love this country. On realising the furthest vineyard was just 2km away we cancelled the bike and had a spot of sustenance then set off to the furthest vineyard and crawled back.

Bacon and egg pie, asparagus and cheese quiche

Te kairanga was our first stop for the best Chardonnay we have tasted so far. John Martin Reserve, who knew the guy could play guitar AND make stunning Chards?

Reds at Te Kairanga
Me at Te Kairanga

Poppies vineyards next, started by Poppy who worked at Dry Rivers vineyard which is over the road. We paid for tasting as the wines were expensive but they were great, had they had sold out of most. They do not export. 

Further along the same road was Ata Rangi where a friendly North American lady served us their delightful tasting flight.

Schubert vineyards was just down the road and was stunning. Small and compact their Pinot Noir was a massive hit with Guy.

Note…they use corks!!!

Margrain vineyard was fab, we tasted loads!!!

Nuff said

Martinborough was next and we remember this from before and buying a very expensive Pinot Noir there. This time we enjoyed the wines but managed not to add to our backpack wine mountain.

Me waiting for a next swig of wine

Pallister was our last cellar door and as we fell through the door we spotted our local bus driver and negotiated a lift back. Result. Therefore we cracked on with the tasting.

And again

We achieved a new Personal Best of 48 wines tasted from 7 vineyards ……. Lordy!

Posh photo montage of the wines and views from today 

We had some food before getting the bus then train home.

It is tiring tasting this many wines…..
Wellington at sunset