12.12.2016 Pingxhi and JuifenĀ 

Coffee was allowed this morning, being arty types (!) we went to the Dance cafe, it was empty apart from mosquitos and staff. The menu looked so good we decided to have brunch, smoked salmon salad, it was fresh, tasty and delicious. 

It was now 12 noon and we had done no tourism. We dashed to the station and got on the train to Pingxhi, whilst checking out the local drink machine and wanting a dolphin drink.

The train was busy, this set the tone for the day, busy and crowded. We got to Pingxhi, the tourism here is to sit on a train, so we did that. The scenery is amazing. As usual there was an engligh language leafet with all the sights listed, most of which are food related, being tourists we obliged and had a miners lunchbox.

And a pancake, and had photo taken.

We watched the other tourists send their Chinese lanterns and wishes into the air.

Then onto the crowded train back to Ruiling, then the bus to Juifen, which took the prize for most tourists you can squeeze in an alley way, the alley was full of tourist tat shops and food stalls, obviously.

 A seemingly endless alleyway walk ended up with the photo opportunity of sunset over Taipei, Guy duly obliged!

Once back at the apartment we happened upon a bottle of Waitrose red wine and sichuan pepper nuts, so settled down to watch Troy…….. oh, yeah!