Bonus Post – Toothpaste

Another toothpaste update!!! Yep, this could go on, and on….for as long as we clean our teeth….

After the jasmine flavour, then the lemon and lime flavour we hit rock bottom with thyme and longjing (Google translate) flavour.

It tasted of warm, milky tea and made me gag and heave everytime I used it. Needless to say I needed to get new toothpaste as I was getting tired of morning (and evening) sickness.

I decided to go old school with a minty flavour, what a relief, although the amount of foam produced is quite alarming!

But then Paula came to the rescue with good old Colgate……what a refreshing change, it was a lovely few days of refresh, clean teeth with little foam.

So, in conclusion, mint is classic flavour for toothpaste, although many of you probably knew that already and didn’t need to travel half the world to discover that. 

BTW…..Guy still reeks of thyme and longjing.

Bonus Post – Toothpaste

Many of our regular readers have been frantically writing in, demanding an update on our toothpaste situation. Well folks we don’t want to disappoint!

We can confirm that the Chinese Jasmine Tea flavour is finished but the exciting news is that we are now cleaning our pearly whites with Taiwanese Lemon and Lime flavour. Yes that’s right folks, LEMON and LIME flavour!

Whilst the Jasmine tea taste was, at first, a little strange. Lemon and Lime is straight out of the blocks providing a refreshing citrus taste, every time. 

Until next time!

Disclaimer – wanting a gin & tonic after cleaning your teeth is not our responsibility 

Tianjin 29.10.16

Fresh roasted coffee again this morning with a toasted egg and salad butty. We spent all morning planning where to go after shanghai and ensuring we weren’t missing any great sights in the south east of China. Route planned, we walked in the sunshine to a historic area where families and friends were enjoying their Saturday at a redeveloped stadium which houses restaurants and shops. 

We wander back to the main shopping  area and after failed attempts to find sushi we settle once again on Xialongbao for lunch with two sides of green. It was of course, fabulous.

Next is Carrefour for colgate jasmine tea toothpaste, (Other brands and flavours are available, such as charcoal) and the final leg of our huge walking tour is the riverside at night. 

We had contemplated a river cruise but opted for the healthier, cheaper tour and were glad we did. Although Tianjin has many amazing skyscrapers alongside it’s developed riverside, they are not all lit up at night.