Vienna to Venice day 5

So one last day in Vienna and we were having a lie in when a knock at our flat door. We decided not to ignore it and opened it to a couple of workman which garbled at us in excellent Austrian which obviously meant nothing to me. On doing the usual ‘Sprechen se engleesh?’ he answered with perfect English to explain the owner of the flat had asked him and his mate to pop round and fix a new thermostat and put some silican in the kitchen! I mean, what english workman woukd have that vocabulary in another language just waiting to be asked! We were slightly suprised but let them in and they proceeded to get on with the job in a typically thorough manner,  as you would expect. Although when he asked if we had any electrical tape in the flat we did have to as it that no, we didnt, we never thought to bring any with us, travelling in trains through Europe.

Duties done we then had coffee and finally were off to the Film Museum which is the only one Guy had expressed an interest in, it wasn’t a museum at all, it showed stuff in Austrian at 6pm and 9pm every day, which was no good to us as we have already explained our Austrian is somewhat lacking and we had a train to catch this evening.

Instead Guy got coffee out of a tin and cake to satisfy him, somewhat.



We then did a bit of clothes shopping around Vienna before heading off to the train station for our 9.30pm train to Venice.  However being savvy travellers we had checked what our overnight expensive tickets gave us and it was unlimited snacks and wine from the first class lounge in the station. This commenced at 6.30, we arrived arrived 6.45 so as to not look to eager, and proceeded to make the most of the free wine, snacks and wifi, love travelling by train.

Managed to catch the train and low and behold there was more free wine there as well! Did I mention I loved travelling by train?  This booth was much more comfortable than the last bone shaker, with more room, and less shaking. Feeling suitably drunk we had a decent nights rest!

Vienna Day 4

So more museums art and drinking! Life is tough!
Today’s museum was the Belvedere, the summer palace of some filthy rich aristocracy of the Hasberg empire. It is a nice little place



The main exhibition was Klimt,  which was absolutely amazing and his talent for detail in portraits is stunning with the other slightly decorative parts around during the outside being really different, contrasting and fab!

Then we needed more Wurst to keep us going,  you never can have too much meat in this city and after Wurst you have to have Sacher Torte along with coffee and sit down.

Fully rested we were off home for cheese,  ham and wine, although not before a couple of wines in a lovely wine bar filled with smoke, ugh!

Vienna Day 3

Last day of culture,  cake and Wurst which is probably just as well for our bodies.

We spent an inordinately long tine to work out the tram system, meanwhile Guy had a Wurst. We got to the Belvedere museum which had loads of Klimt in it and were duly impressed.  The building was the usual massive regal palace which is now full of Klimt and his contemporaries in there,  I can’t remember the name of the other two!


We then got the tram back into town for more Wurst and Sacher Torte and coffee! Waistlines suitably expanded we had a good sit on a tram that went nowhere near where we thought it was going however it gave us an opportunity for a long walk to see the wheel that was in the end of the Third Man film,  and it was in a closed park on a cold winter’s day so suitably earie.


We then decided to see the American Loos bar which is on the tourist trail,  it was a small smokey bar which sold white wine.  We then proceeded to visit a couple more bars in our funky area of Vienna which were okay but at the end of the day had people smoking in them so we went home,  smelling of smoke, and had cheese and wine in a smoke free atmosphere.

Vienna Day 2

So we ventured out to the Schonnbrunn palace today! A tube ride away and a stunning location and building for some filthy rich aristocracy from years ago. We went through rooms where a 6 year old Mozart played for the kaiser and where Kennedy and Krushtoff met in the 60s.  It was stunning!

There was a massive fountain with usual folly,  as is becoming of the rich in them days.  For some reason the photos below are turning around on publishing so apologies for any inconvenience caused!


Culture done we were on a Wurst hunt! And got them! Although they were difficult to eat if sitting down, I ended up with a large splattering of ketchup and mustard on the pavement next to me! Very little on jeans or coat, quite a lot down my hands! Nice. Tasty but not elegant!


More culture awaited us at the Kunthistoriches museum or art history to us English!  Again, facinating, we saw Carvaggio, Van Gogh, and loads of Peter Bruegal which were really insightful into life in 16th century as he painted scenes of everyday life.

We then had a wander home via wine and cheese shop and spent the evening in the apartment drinking the Austrian wine left for us by our host!  Well, it would be rude not to?


Vienna Day 1

Woke up to the news that David Bowie had died. Guardian notifications of what shit is going on in the world rarely make me stop in my tracks and take a large intake of breathe, that one did. Loved Bowie.

Both of us tired and slightly grumpy then had to navigate Vienna to get to our apartment, this was done via bus, which I always find quite unnerving as they can just do what they want, and you never know where they are going. However Austria is quite similar to Japan in that everything is safe, clean and really well organised, so the bus announced when it was at our stop and we got off, followed instructions to the apartment and got in! Minimal fuss although slight confusion about exactly which block we were in however no one was around to see us checking under their mats for their keys, which was a blessing.

The flat was clean warm and fab however we had a city to explore and we were off! We had our first viennese coffee and cake experience, obviously we had kirsch and orange liqueur in our coffee, it was 11.30! Cake was apfelstrudel with custard.

As we had our own kitchen we were determined to have a healthy breakfast as greens, salad and anything not meat based looked hard to come by! So we wandered off to the local market, Naschtmarket to see a few hardy sellers trying to give us free samples of food. Being English we refused.

We did get fruit and fresh dates, we now know dried dates are better, and had and good wander throughout. Then stumbled upon a local purveyor of wine, it would be rude not to try local wine so we had a glass of white wine and watched a bloke with a dog start an argument with the fishmonger. Once that and our wine was finished we had lunch, which for Guy was a selection of sausages with bread and pickles before getting around to getting into a museum!


We went to the Albertina museum which had loads of impressionist and Munsch there, it was pretty stunning although Munsch is pretty dour and could be depressing, had we not had the wine for lunch!

We were staying a 10 min walk into the main museum area of Vienna, the whole of Vienna seems to be filled with massive boulevards, big regal buildings and stunning architecture, it is on a bigger scale to Paris and is clean and pristine. It is quite stunning but our first day had grey skies and clouds so no photos were allowed.

After culture we inevitably were drawn to bars, it was nearly 6 of clock so we deserved it! This is when we were transported back to 1990s England where smoking was allowed in bars!!! Seriously? It was a real shock to the system and although we were in a bar that had segregation you still had the smoke smell around. Still we decided to deal with it and had some Austrian white wine, which was delicious and Guy stared at a painting showing the temptation of a monk! I will not go into more details here!

We then had tea at one of the many places that claims to be the original Weiner Schnitzel restaurants and to be fair it was lush! And the potato salad was pretty good too!