4.4.2017 Waverley to Camperdown

We got up early to see the family get ready for school/work at a leisurely pace.  We said thank you and goodbye to our wonderful hosts.

Again, we went to Ruby’s diner for a healthy breakfast of Bircher muesli for me and brown rice pudding for Guy. 

Off across town we were smoothly into our next Air BnB apartment in Camperdown. It was proper city living, and we eyed up the washing machine for later!!!

We caught a bus into town, to St Martin’s place and had a final check at Post Restante to confirm that our driving licences are nowhere to be seen and we try to forget all about it, like a bad dream. Maybe they will be returned to the UK? 

Lunch was in an Asian food court, heaving with office workers, mainly Asian, looking for good grub. We had a lush Malaysian curry plate, followed by samosa and onion bhaji. 

We met up with Julia and her mates, on their way to a Cyndi Lauper / Blondie gig, for her to hand back some hair products I had left at her house (the horror, 2 days with no hair products!!!!) and a catch up in Hard Rock Cafe, a first for Guy. 

Guy popping his Hard Rock cherry

Light tea as we were still full from lunch, and breakfast!!!!

Darling Harbour at night

2.4.2017 Woy Woy to Waverley

Jules celebrated her 42nd birthday by getting up and making us raisin toast and dropping us off at the station. What a fab person??? Thanks Jules 🤣

We got the train from Woy Woy to Bondi, via Central then the bus to Waverley in about 2 hours and it cost about $3. 

We had a coffee on the way!!!

We were off to stay with my cousin (well, 2nd cousin if you are being pedantic) and his family in Waverley.  They had kindly offered us accommodation, food and a family vibe. We had a great afternoon meeting family members, being entertained by the kids, having a drink and some fantastic food cooked by Ness.  It was a fabulous evening that we really enjoyed. 

No photos taken.

26.3.2017 Waverley with relatives

We had a typical Sunday ahead of us, visiting relatives!!! We were off to see my second cousin, Matt and his family, along with his parents who were on holiday here from Croydon (or Surrey, depending how posh you are).

First we needed breakfast though. We shared merguez sausages at another colourful, hip Newtown cafe.

From where we live it is a 50 min bus ride away, we managed to just miss a bus each way, they are remarkably punctual! The wait wasn’t too long, 30 mins, and we had a good tour through the University area on our way over to Waverley, nr Bronte. 

The day was lovely, with entertaining company and the food was great. It was so nice to have tasty, home cooked food around a big table of family with wine and laughter. We loved the whole day, it was great to have someone other than Guy to converse with!!!!!

Margo, Alison and Ness

Wines tasted:

White and Red!!

Lord Nelson beer too.