21.12.2016 Yangshuo

Recently I was been banned from blogging as I have had issues converting back to China after Taiwan.  I have been grumpy and miserable……can you believe it???

Anyway, I am resigned to staying here for a little longer. We have a day in Yangshuo, a beautiful town which is built up on tourism.  We are in off season so it is quiet, thankfully. 

Guy has my cold, so he gets to stay in bed and relax, can’t say I remember being given those luxuries but there we go. 

Our hostel owner suggests somewhere for lunch (yes, it is that late when Guy gets out of his sick bed) and we dutifully go, he orders food for us, it contains vegetables so we are happy.  I smother mine in chilli sauce which I will regret later, if you know what I mean! 

We have a wander but Guy needs to rest up, we have a cookery course at 3.30 so he relaxes whilst I sort out trains and do admin. 

Our course is at Cloud 9 restaurant with Jenny. She takes us to the market were we see a lot of familiar vegetables but also some new ones, so it is good to be able to ask someone about it all. The most interesting part for me was a dried goods store at the side of the market, it was packed with sauces, hazelnut leaves, mushrooms of all varieties, dried soyabeans and loads of spices and chilies on offer. A veritable Aladdins cave. 

The meat section was quiet, it was afternoon so most of their business was done in the morning, but a few intestines and hearts were around to remind you that nothing goes to waste in this country. There was also a pet section.

The size of the carp head was stunning!

Back to the school and we donned our outfits and began to chop.

We made 3 dishes, first was pickled cucumber salad, spicy, refreshing and delicious this is definitely be added to our repertoire when we get home. Second was chicken kung pao, which was tasty but I would add more chilli. 

Then we made dumplings with pork and chinese chives, mostly chives. Obviously these were delicious,  I don’t think we have met a dumpling we don’t like yet.

We spent sometime eating all the food, then had a wander around West Street and saw some of the tourists coming out. There are an amazing number of german bars here, not idea why, but hot dogs and german ale is freely available if you can afford it.

Guy needed an early night so I tucked him up and hoped he was better in the morning. .