24.12.2016 Tai Chi Course Day 2

Most important thing to do today is open window 24 on our advent calendar. It is a tantalising roast dinner, which we will not experience this year, but as long as we don’t eat dog tomorrow I will be happy.

Congee for breakfast, still minging, and had delicious oolong tea before starting tai chi. 

We learnt another 2 forms in our first lesson of the day, I am having trouble remembering the moves, repetition is the only way, but it seems so simple when he shows us, and the fact we have a 13 yr old doing it, perfectly, with us highlights it! 

Lunch is good, we fill up as we have a walk into town in the break, it is a 25min walk away, but another 20 mins to the cake and wine shop that everyone keeps talking about, saying how great the cakes are, brownies to die for etc, after a quick walk through town we discover it is closed. Now we have a 45 quick walk back, 15 min break then tai chi part 2.

The countryside is still amazing, although is all changing to make way for a new opera house and entertainment district. Farmers have been moved on to make way for tourists.

Our afternoon lesson is with Master Ping again, and we learn a new standing meditation pose which is agony, this is usual when your back is out of line, so I need to practice more. Guy’s legs are hurting and we are definitely feeling that something is working.

We hobble onto dinner, then relax in our room. Guy has downloaded some Rick Stein Christmas programs so we snuggle up and enjoy that.

Who knows if Santa will know where we are tomorrow?