23.11.2016 Chunderville to Taichung to Taipei

Wow! What a night! 

Kids wailing, women screaming, men hacking up, dozens of people puking (then hacking up), being jolted awake (if you were asleep) by the metallic hull of the ship slamming into waves, like a giant brass gong. 

Guy managed some sleep, I was just nodding off when the lights and music started up at 5.50am. We weren’t due in til 8.30am. 

There were a lot of ashen faced Chinese tourist groups on board, they really don’t have sea legs all. 

We have also decided not to go to Antarctica either. 

Still we are in Taiwan, a new country with new customs and food to explore. Firstly we need cash, there is no ATM at the ferry port. Why would you???

We change cash with a helpful bloke in the port who also guides us to the bus, gives us leaflets galore on the town and what to see and eat here. And amazing it is in English. 

1 hour and 15 mins later were are at the train station and purchased tickets with our UK credit card. This is sooo much easier than China!

We are Air BnB’ing it here, and check in isn’t til 7 so we have time to kill.

The slow train takes 3 hours and we doze, fitfully, to Taipei. It feels very friendly, many more people can speak English and are willing to help you or just welcome you to Taiwan! We are also seeing westerners again, which is exciting. 

We were starving once we got to Taipei, but still cashless so eventually found an ATM and then had Japanese ramen dishes as a first Taiwanese meal. 

It is wet, absolutely tipping it down so we make our way over to our Air BnB area, do a reccie on the location and kill a couple of hours in Cafe 85 with a ginger tea and slice of cake. 

Eventually, our hostess Fiona arrives and lets us in, making us feel at home and tea. We chat to a lady in the next room and crash, knackered.

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