4.3.2017 Langkawi Hangover Part 2

OMG. Did we really drink all that?

Got up and decided we should leave, neither of us can act, so pretending we are too ill to get on the Penang ferry is out. Sad is not the word, we were hungover, emotional and it was a real wrench to go.

Hugs were given, tears were shed as we drove down the long, long drive from The Crowded House.

We got to the port early and with hungover stomachs proceeded to devour a KFC. Yes, we felt that bad…..

The ferry crossing was as flat as the proverbial pancake, thank goodness, we felt queasy enough without any more speedboat antics.

A long, long 3 hours later we got to Penang, got a cab to our hostel and laid on the bed.

Hunger set in and the excitement of being in a foodie paradise got us going. We had curry for lunch at the same place we went to last time for our first meal, it wasn’t intentional, but once we saw it we couldn’t resist. It wasn’t as good as before, but it gave us energy for the rest of the day.

Roti canai, possibly the best breakfast in the world
Tandoori chicken and fresh naan

It was hot, humid and sweaty, we slowly walked around and reacquainted ourselves with Penang. There are some changes since our last trip, notably street art everywhere (more on that later), more cafes and fancy restaurants. 

A Penang couple we met said that more and more local businesses are being forced out due to high rents, which is a shame as the most interesting parts are the mechanic shops or hardware stores run by Chinese for years with their grubby, worn interiors and faded exteriors. There is beauty in old things (as Guy is finding out!!!).

For dinner we went to Bite and Eat Dindigal restaurant for dosa masala, prawn chettanad, paneer butter masala, fresh chapati, rice. The waiter suggested we needed one more dish so we ordered spicy potatoes. It was too much, but Guy manfully finished it all. We loved it, all of it, in all its spicy, juicy, tasty glory.

Lots of delicous curries
Walked home avoiding any trip, drip or overhead hazards that were put in our way. 

Overall a successful day!

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