21 February – Bangkok to Dubai


So, bags packed we hailed a taxi and spent the next hour in the taxi trying to get to the nearest skytrain station for the airport. There were quite a few road blockages from the protests and our taxi man seemed to be surprised whenever he saw one! Still that cab cost less than £2. Took the skytrain and did the usual check in malarkey, it was 12.30 by now and we had skipped breakfast so headed straight to the dirty Burger King and Pizza 123 stands and got a fill of western carbs to keep us going.
A quick perusal of the duty free and guy had a very nice bottle of Laphroaig and I had perfume…..was weird wearing that again, can’t believe I might have to wear makeup again soon as well!
Flight was fine, apart from the chunky German I sat next to who kept encroaching on MY side of the chair…..
We watched the Lone Ranger – dire, Hangover Part 3 – truly dreadful, World War Z – dire and The Counsellor – OK.
Got a 20min taxi from Dubai airport that cost us £10 and we nearly passed out in fright.
We sauntered into our hotel, The Savoy * and were informed that we were a month early for our booking! We had booked it when were ill in Penang and neither of us had realised it was for march dates.  They said they had a room, however as there was some exhibition on, our third night would be over twice the usual rate..…so we paid for 2 nights and emailed to try and get our money back from Agoda who had already taken the payment from us.
The suite was amazing, huge, with its own dinky kitchenette, we were very happy!



We had a Thai pot noodle and a small Laphroaig to celebrate!


* The Savoy Hotel Apartments.

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