Copenhagen 10.9.16

Had an enforced lie-in trying to be quiet in the dorm. After station food breakfast we hired bikes and set off into the sprawling cycle lanes of the city. Copenhagen is very commuter friendly. Everyone stops for pedestrians on zebra crossings and cars also give way to cyclists when turning left at a junction so together with a flat terrain and miles of cycle lanes it’s perfect for foreign novices to get stuck into.
We headed through the city, dodging drunks emerging from bars (10 am – 24 hour city) to the waterfront and back round to the little mermaid. Coming past the Star Fort a motorbike outrider stopped the coach in front of us but instead of a cycle race coming through, around 100 people on vintage bikes dressed in 1940s styles drifted by smiling and waving. Further down the road we passed a massive organised running event with pompom-ed cheerleaders at the finish line.

Feeling peckish we attempted a new land speed record on gear-less bikes with baskets and headed to the meatpacking district for lunch. A pop up food fair provided salmon burger with white wine (Al) and a rare beef steak baguette with red (me) to the backdrop of locals dancing salsa in blistering 27° sunshine. All paid for on cards with card readers plugged into ipads. 

Back on the bikes and we spent a wonderful afternoon bar crawling across the city. For me it’s up there with tapas crawling in Barca or sushi crawling in Japan as a great way to have a few beers. Crossing the city through the safe cycle lanes,  park your bike outside the bar and after a relaxed drink off you head somewhere else. Very civilised.

For tea we headed to the paper island where dozens of food stalls reside in an old warehouse a lot like Digbeth Dining club in Birmingham but with 100s more people. We were held up on the way by a bridge being raised to let some yachts through and in no time dozens of people were queuing patiently on foot or bike without tutting.

It only added to the anticipation of the food which was worth the wait. Danish apple pudding with cream, almond  and toffee cheesecake but the best was the creme brulee donut.

Copenhagen had stolen our hearts and we pondered just staying here for 6 months before heading home to work, but a new country beckons tomorrow so we say Tak og farvel. 

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